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About PCMemoryStore.com

PC Memory Store is the easiest source on the internet to find guaranteed compatible memory. But don't let our name fool you. We sell more than just PC Memory. You can find memory for your Apple computer, Server, Printer, and just about any thing that utilizes DRAM.

"The Memory Configurator made finding the correct memory for my system fast & easy."
- Sara Stevens

There is a myth in the world today that upgrading a computer is difficult or just too intimidating, so many people never realize the impact a memory upgrade can make. Upgrading your computer memory is the easiest and quickest way to greatly improve the performance of your computer.

Obviously we are in the business to sell memory, but there are many places online that sell memory. So why should you buy your memory at PCMemoryStore.com? We have put in place processes and policies at every step of the customer experience that set us apart from other memory resellers.

Customers looking to buy memory upgrades are doing so because they realize their time is valuable and want to become more productive with the finite time they have. So everything we do as a company is geared toward helping our customers realize that goal in every step of the memory buying process.

The PC Memory Store Memory Configurator is the quickest and easiest way to find Guaranteed Compatible Memory for any system. Period. We have simplified the process of identifying which computer memory is compatible with 1000's of systems to a 3 Step Process.

Step 1: Select your system manufacturer. (i.e. Dell, HP, Compaq)

Step 2: Select your system manufacturer family. (i.e. Dimension, Presario)

Step 3: Select you system model. (i.e. 8100, R51)

After completing these 3 simple steps you will be presented with your compatible memory upgrade options, standard memory specifications for your particular model, and further information to help with your memory selection process.

The second thing you will notice that is different about PC Memory Store is our Free Ground Shipping on every order over $50. This means we will ship any order totaling $50 or more for Free regardless of quantity or weight. Many sites will charge you by weight which can get expensive when you order multiple products.

The third (and probably most important) thing you will notice is the quality of our memory. We only ship top quality memory that is tested and guaranteed to work. We are so confident in the memory we sell all memory sold at PC Memory Store is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

The fourth thing that makes PC Memory Store different is our customer support. Although it is our goal that you will never need to see this difference, if there is a problem with your memory we will work tirelessly to identify and correct any issues to your satisfaction.

It is our goal to win you as a customer for life, so we will work hard and smart to make your full memory buying experience as simple and efficient as possible.